The Junction will partner with local residents as well as institutions generally to assist this disenfranchised community and stand against injustice. Aware of the dehumanizing aspects of systemic poverty, the Junction Coalition plans to work for the Junction neighborhood as a guiding force for systemic change to alleviate poverty. Building on the four pillars of social justice, economic justice, environmental justice, and peace education, the Coalition plans to work toward:


  1. Planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating economic revitalization activities,

  2. The development and redevelopment within the boundaries of the Junction community,

  3. Improving the quality of life for all neighborhood and community stakeholders, especially low-income residents, and consisting of:


           o Economic development,
           o Nuisance abatement,
           o Improvement of housing conditions,
           o Workforce development and youth programs,
           o Providing both community facilities and open space which models                   principles of green infrastructure. a hypothetical planning and                       visioning session while offering their own experiences to the                         collaborative planning process. Participants will benefit from the                     collective knowledge of the group and will take away next steps for               implementing similar programs in their communities.

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